Traces of Possibility

“Every ‘somewhere’ is on the way to somewhere else”

Tim Ingold in ‘Being Alive : Essays on Movement, Knowledge and Description’ (Routledge, 2011, p149)

Suzi Gablik’s call in The Re-Enchantment of Art (Thames and Hudson, 1991) for a new ecology and community focused culture is as relevant today as when published in the 1990’s. If we are to develop such a critical engagement with nature we would seem to need a new mindfulness to the world around us – a new sensibility which is contemporary, yet alive to the world as a world of becoming rather than a world of rosy nostalgia or trite possessions. A world where mortality – including our own – is a part of that constancy of becoming.

Traces of Possibility is a search for space where the possibility of such a sensibility might exist

Exhibition and Presentations

Traces of Possibility was on show at the Merge exhibition in Sunderland (Design Centre Gallery, University of Sunderland) from 28th October to 12th November 2013.The work began life as Walking With Gablik and was presented to the ON WALKING conference in Sunderland in July 2013. Images from this earlier incarnation can be viewed by clicking here

It is available as a small book. Preview here


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